MMSN -- Molecular and Materials Structure Network

The MMSN links scientists, technicians and students engaged in the determination and analysis of atomic structures of any kind; biological molecules, chemical molecules or solid state materials - and unites them with Grid computing, visualisation, database, informatics and applied mathematics researchers. The network has the following key goals:

  • Establish remote access for a network of structure determination and analysis instruments, ultimately providing the basis for developing a Grid enabled network linkable to other instrument, data and computation grids; national and international. The instruments may be at 'conventional laboratories' or at the new major facilities currently under construction; the Replacement Research Reactor and the Australian Synchrotron.
  • Establish a Grid enabled e-Science network for the interactive visualisation and analysis of a diverse collection of structural databases on multiple geographically distributed display devices.
  • Hold regular informational/educational meetings and workshops, hosting international experts, for structural science practitioners and students. Cross-disciplinary fertilisation and collaboration will be stimulated though techniques meetings and workshops, and summer schools will ensure that young scientists are trained at the leading edge of structure determination and analysis techniques.
  • Build direct links into the secondary school system to establish understanding and interest in the molecular and materials structure sciences.
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