MMSN -- Context

Knowledge of the three dimensional arrangement of atoms, and the chemical identity of those atoms, in molecules and solid state materials is crucial to understanding their behaviour and harnessing their potential in real-world applications. Such knowledge can deliver profound scientific, technological, social and economic rewards.

Understanding the biological process that support and shape life and the disease and degenerative process that may threaten life, depends increasingly on a detailed knowledge of bio-molecular structure; protein structure, virus structure, DNA complex structure, and enzyme structures such as that of the SARS protease. Rational medicinal drug design, which for example produced the first anti-flu drug Relenza (developed by CSIRO) and the HIV protease inhibitors, would be impossible without a knowledge of molecular structure.

The determination and rationalization of the relatively small atomic structures comprising micro-magnets, microporous and mesoporous materials, hydrogen storage materials, novel metal oxides, ceramics, superconductors, minerals, 'smart' materials, piezoelectric materials, magneto- and electro-rheostatic materials, photonic devices, information storage devices, molecular switches and sensors, biomimetic materials, and pharmaceutical materials is crucial to their development and utilisation.

ARC -- Australian Research Council