e-Research for the Structural Sciences Workshop

e-Research for the Structural Sciences Workshop

- NCRIS 5.3 and 5.16 Overlap Workshop


The Australian Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST) has a roadmap to maintain a competitive international research profile through promotion of advanced computing access, and leading data analysis and data management practices. This will be partially funded through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS).

An initial MMSN stakeholders brief was prepared and submitted in December 2005. The following workshop was convened as a further step toward developing and presenting a unified view of the needs, impact and utility of Collaborative Approaches (NCRIS 5.16) to the various Structural Characterisation (NCRIS 5.3 - see also the NCRIS Characterisation Website) communities.

A consensus of desires and recommendations follow, thereafter.

Monday July 3rd & Tuesday 4th 2006

Program and Presentations

Monday Morning (9:00am)
9:00 Introduction
9:15 Peter Turner: (workshop convenor)

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The Molecular and Materials Structure Network (MMSN).
9:30 Rhys Francis: (NCRIS 5.16 Facilitator
and Manager of the APAC Grid Program)

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Some background into NCRIS 5.16 and the Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing (APAC)
APAC and NCRIS 5.16 Presentations
10:00 Jane Hunter: (University of Queensland)

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NCRIS 5.3 - 5.16 Planning Progress
10:15 Kerstin Kleese van Dam: (Daresbury Laboratory)

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The Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils (CCLRC) e-Research Centre e-Science for Science
10:45 Tea and Coffee (15 min)
11:00 Shoaib Sufi:

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Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils (CCLRC) e-Research Centre Scientific Metadata, Data Portal & Ontologies
11:30 Bill Pulford:

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The DIAMOND Light Source Data Acquisition, Remote Access and e-Research
12:15 Paul Davis:

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Grid and Next Generation Network (GrangeNet) National Data Architecture and Virtual Beamlines, e-Research, VeRSI
12:45 Lunch (45 min)
1:30 Richard Farnsworth:

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Australian Synchrotron Perspectives - Grid enabling the Facility
2:00 Ian Atkinson: (James Cook University)

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The Dataset Acquisition, Accessibility & Annotation e-Research Technology (DART) Project - Remote Access Instruments and Sensors
Presentation and crystal data collection movie (50Mb)
2:30 John Drennan: (University of Queensland)

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Nanostructural Analysis Network Organisation (NANO) Data Management & Microscopy and Microanalysis
3:00 Allan Jones / Peter Hines: (University of Sydney)

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Nanostructural Analysis Network Organisation (NANO) - an e-Science network
3:30 Tea & coffee (15 min)
3:45 Nick Hauser:

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The Bragg Institute OPAL perspectives
4:15 Michael James/Andrew Struder:

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ANSTO simulations
Michael and Andrew's presentations.
4:45 Mike McKerns:

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Distributed Data analyse for Neutron Scattering Experiments (DANSE)
5:15 Steve Quenette:

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Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing Pyre for Distributed Computing
5:30 Mark Prior:

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Australia's Academic and Research Network (AARNet) R & E Networking and Potential Developments
6:00 Tea & coffee (30 min)
6:30 Kenneth Shankland:

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ISIS Facility, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. An overview of e-Science at ISIS
6:45 Damian Flannery:

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ISIS Data management ICAT A Facility Metadata Catalogue
7:00 Kenneth Shankland:

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ISIS ISIS CATalogues (ICAT) and the GridMP System for distributed Computing
7:30 session adjourned
Tuesday Morning (9:00am)
9:00 Steve Miller:

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The Spallation Neutron Source at Oak Ridge National Laboratory ORNL Data management
10:00 Colin MacRae:

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CSIRO Minerals MicrobeamLab Telepresence and Remote Access
10:20 Geoffery Ericksson: (Advanced
Computational Modelling Centre at UQ

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The Australian Imaging Consortium: NMR and PET Imaging Perspectives
10:40 Tea & coffee (20 min)
11:00 Abel Lin:

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National Center for Microscopy and Imaging research (NCMIR) The Telescience(TM) Project
11:20 Tomas Molina:

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National Center for Microscopy and Imaging research (NCMIR) The Teleinstrumentation
11:40 Joy Sargis:

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Cell Centered Database Group
12:00 Lunch (40 min)
12:40 Adil Hasan:

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CCLRC SRB services
1:00 Laurent Lerusse:

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CCLRC NeXus and Data and Metadata Capture
1:20 Daniel Hanlon:

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CCLRC Compute Grids
1:40 Formalities conclude
1:40 Rhys Francis: (NCRIS 5.16 Facilitator)

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Initial Observations and Perceived Needs of the Characterisation (NCRIS 5.3) Community arising from this workshop.
2:00 Discussion A post NCRIS_5.3-5.16 workshop discussion report and concomitant recommendations document, giving the MMSN perspective.
5:30 Close
ARC -- Australian Research Council