MMSN -- Joining the Australian Research Network for Advanced Materials

The ARC Molecular and Materials Structure Network is open to all Australian researchers, Early Career Researchers and PhD students who are interested in the molecular and materials structure sciences. The network spans the boundaries of computer science, ITC and HPC, mathematics, chemistry, biology, geology and engineering. The Network is also open to industry and overseas researchers with Australian

Step 1: Create an Online Profile
Fill out the online application form.

All new profile submissions or changes must be approved by the webmaster before appearing on the website. This means that there will be a delay
of up to 24 hours before your profile appears online.

If you wish to update or modify your profile you can email the changes you require to or alternatively fill out a new
application form and submit it (please re-include your photo).

Step 2: Complete the B10 form
Please fill out the B10 form, sign and fax to MMSN on +61-(02)-9351-3329. If you have an electronic signature, please email the completed form to

Thanks for your participation in MMSN.

ARC -- Australian Research Council