MMSN -- Remote Access and Automation Workshop

Easter Monday March 28 and Tuesday March 29

Program, Abstracts and Presentations
(Some abstracts contain additional information.)

Monday Afternoon (3:00pm)
3:00 Introduction
3:10 Bob Sweet:

email to Bob_Sweet
Methods, Software, and Equipment for High-Throughput Data Collection in Macromolecular Crystallography: the Brookhaven Experience.
Abstract and Presentation
3:50 Mike Soltis:

email to Mike_Soltis
Remote Access Tools for Macromolecular Crystallography Experiments at SSRL.
Abstract and Presentation
Movie: NX Remote Desktop Client
Movie: SSRL SAM Robot
Movie: Jammed Pin Removal
Movie: SAM Automatic Robot Position Calibration
4:30 Tea Break (20 min)
4:50 Gerry McDermott: Crystallography and Tomography Automation and Remote Access at the Advanced Light Source.
Abstract and Presentation
Movies to come later ...
5:30 Lilian Jacquamet:

email to Lilian_Jacquamet
FIP: An Automated Beamline for Protein Crystallography at the ESRF.
Abstract and Presentation
Movie: CATS Robot
6:10 Angela Criswell:

email to Angela_Criswell
Winners and Losers - Ranking Crystals from Diffraction Images.
Abstract and Presentation
6:45 Mixer
Tuesday (8:30am) Grid Sessions Supported by GrangeNet
8:30 Toyokazu Akiyama:

email to Toyokazu_Akiyama
Design and Implementation of a Remote Operation System for Ultra High Voltage Electron Microscope for Telescience.
Abstract and Presentation
9:10 Nestor J. Zaluzec:

email to Nestor_J._Zaluzec
The TelePresence Microscopy Collaboratory: Evolving the Collaboratory Paradigm.
Abstract and Presentation
9:50 Peter Hines and Duncan Waddell:

email to Peter_Hines
Remote Access for NANO-MNRF Instrumentation.
Presentation: Peter Hines
Presentation: Duncan Waddell
10:30 Colin. M. MacRae:
Telepresence Microscopy at CSIRO Minerals.
Abstract and Presentation
11:00 Morning Tea (20 min)
11:20 Rick McMullen:

email to Rick_McMullen
CIMA: Scientific Instruments as First Class Members of the Grid.
Abstract and Presentation
12:00 David Abramson:

email to David_Abramson
Software Development for the Computational Grid.
Abstract and Presentation
12:40 Paul Davis:

email to Paul_Davis
Grid Enabling of the Australian Synchrotron
Abstract and Presentation
1:00 Lunch (50 min)
1:50 Dave Meredith and Ronan Keegan: e-HTPX Project for Grid based Automation and Remote Access to the Daresbury and Diamond Synchrotrons.
Presentation: Dave Meredith
Presentation: Ronan_Keegan
Movie: Crystal Fishing - The Missing Link
2:30 Mike Hursthouse and Ken Meacham:

email to Mike_Hursthouse
email to Ken___Meacham
Grid and Remote Access for UK National Crystallography Service.
Presentation: Mike Hursthouse
Presentation: Ken Meacham
Presentation: NCS Grid Service Demo
3:10 Afternoon Tea (20 min)
3:30 David Corney:

email to David_Corney
UK Atlas Petabyte Data Store and Data Curation.
Abtract and Presentation
4:10 Bill David: Grid Computing and e-Science at ISIS.
Abstract and Presentation
4:50 Francesco De Carlo:

email to Francesco_De_Carlo
X-Ray Tomography System, Automation and Remote Access at Beamline 2BM of the Advanced Photon Source.
Abstract and Presentation
5:30 Roger Durst:

email to Roger_Durst
New Software and Hardware Tools for Remote Crystallography.
Abstract and Presentation
6:00pm Meeting Close.  
6:00 Workshop and Crystal 24 Mixer  

Meeting Sponsors:
Australian Synchrotron
Multimedia Victoria

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